“KP Member Voice is a great way for us to reach our members. We can close the loop by showing them we want to hear from them and that their opinion is valued.”

-Karen Tsang
National Market Research

Kaiser Permanente wanted a more efficient, cost-effective approach to customer intelligence while also improving the satisfaction of its nine million customers.


  • Founded in 1945, Kaiser Permanente is the largest private health care insurance provider in the United States. The company has 160,000 employees and insures more than nine million people across 13 states.
  • The size of the organization made inter-departmental communication difficult, resulting in expensive duplication of customer research activities.
  • Kaiser Permanente found it challenging to recruit customers for feedback, resulting in costs as high as $135 per recruit for focus groups, usability testing and one-on-one interviews. The company believed strongly in customer feedback but needed to find a better way to align efforts across the organization.



  • Kaiser Permanente decided a community of engaged customers would provide the meaningful intelligence needed to satisfy customers while also improving efficiency and reducing costs. It teamed up with Vision Critical to launch KP Member Voice, an insight community composed of 25,000 customers drawn from around the country.
  • The KP Member Voice community has streamlined the company’s research process, engaging customers with quick, interactive surveys that yield near real-time results.
  • The insight community also enables two-way dialogue between the company and its customers.



  • The KP Member Voice community has helped Kaiser Permanente streamline the customer intelligence process while also reducing costs.
  • The company has elevated the importance of customer research and the impact of customer feedback on business decisions.
  • Kaiser Permanente has experienced a significant increase in the engagement and participation of its customers in the feedback process.

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