Kimberly-Clark Australia

How Kimberly-Clark Australia makes customer-centric product development decisions


Kimberly-Clark produces many of the world’s best-known household brands, including Kleenex, Huggies and Kotex. Kimberly-Clark Australia wanted to engage its consumers to help it make more customer-centric product development and marketing decisions.

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Marketing effectiveness

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De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

To differentiate its brands in a crowded market, Kimberly-Clark wanted to move from being a manufacturing-led company to become more customer-centric.

Kimberly-Clark wanted feedback and insight from moms—the primary buyers of its childcare products—to help the company make better decisions about which products to develop and how to market them effectively.


Kimberly-Clark launched the Huggies Online Panel, an insight community of 3,000 Australian moms, powered by Vision Critical’s customer intelligence platform.

Marketers and product developers at Kimberly-Clark can reach out any time for insight to a community of moms, the company’s target audience.

“We can now ask mums all those little questions that we as marketers have on our minds and make decisions overnight,” says Alla Nock, Market Research and Analytics Manager, Kimberly-Clark Australia.

Kimberly-Clark’s customer community shares valuable information, tools and advice with members, fostering a two-way dialogue and increasing brand loyalty.

The decision-making process about which products to produce and how to market them has become more customer-centric. “Mums drive what we produce, what we market, what decisions we make,” says Nock. “Our culture internally has really changed. We don’t make any marketing or product decisions before asking our mums.”

Kimberly-Clark has improved customer loyalty by encouraging a two-way dialogue between the company and consumers. “Connection with our mums is key to brand loyalty,” says Nock.

The ability to get rapid, meaningful feedback from Kimberly-Clark consumers has improved the value of customer research. “We can make decisions overnight,” says Nock. “So research now is much more timely and really much more effective.”

We’ve gone from being a manufacturing-led company to a consumer-centric company…‘Mums’ drive what we produce, what we market and what decisions we make.

-Alla Nock, Market Research and Analytics Manager, Kimberly-Clark Australia

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