How MAAF uses ongoing dialogue to build insurance client relationships


French insurance firm MAAF wanted to rebuild close relationships with its clients through ongoing conversations.

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Financial Services


Customer Experience

Use case:

Customer experience

Business Outcome:

De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

Traditionally, MAAF’s positioning has focused on ‘price value’. However, in a fiercely competitive market, providing the best price has become a challenge.

The growth of digital communication has impacted this further, giving customers better access to price comparison sites, reviews and product information, which has disrupted MAAF’s close customer relationships.


Since launching its Vision Critical Insight Community in 2013, MAAF has been able to better integrate its customers into the business through regular, in-depth surveys and discussions.

By using a community of customers for ongoing and meaningful insight, MAAF gives its clients the opportunity to share positive and negative experiences.

MAAF’s insight community has contributed to the success of its new business strategy and plays a significant role in creating a new relationship with its clients. Within the research team, the insight community has resulted in nearly 20 percent more surveys, for the same budget.

With access to more customer information, internal teams, including marketing and customer relations, recognize that the community is a significant asset to the business. It also makes MAAF unique in its approach, compared to the competition, in a market continuously working towards improving client relationships.

At MAAF, we want to include the voice of our customers in key business decisions and we want to do it quickly. Our insight community, MAAF et vous, is a very engaged community of clients that participate greatly. Its members want to keep things moving forward, helping improve MAAF and the client experience.

-Estelle Guyet, Research Manager, MAAF

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