“Midea has ambition of making people across the world feel at home. I think in Indonesia, the Midea community we are working on is really making our members feel at home.”

—Jodie Wang
Head of Consumer & Market Insights, Midea Group

Building bonds in Asia

Established in 1968, Midea is the largest producer of home appliances worldwide. Based in Southern China, the company has over 200,000 employees in more than 200 countries. Their vision is providing friendly solutions for those who treasure tiny moments at home, and their mission is to enter overseas markets. The Midea Community is made up of 1,000 members engaging them with brand insight forums, advertising testing, new product idea testing, as well as offline workshops and member engagement events. They invite community members to speak on panels, and include loyal members in special cooking events.

Human connection & kinship

Through dialogue with customers, via both community activity and offline events, Midea unearthed truly meaningful insights. While Indonesians embrace the modern world, are digitally progressive and early to adopt new technologies, they nonetheless have a deep connection with their traditional values. In the context of modernity and progression, Indonesians want to keep traditions alive, not just traditional rituals and outfit, but more importantly, the deep value of harmony and human connection. This insight is now powering brand, communication, product and promotion development in the Indonesian market.

How Midea uses insights to bond with customers

Builds customer relationships with ongoing, two-way conversations

Shares back key findings to build mutual investment

Brings the voice of the customer direct into business decisions

Responds to customer insights at the speed of business

Co-creating with the Creative Crew

Midea has recently begun an experiment with trained panel members drawn from the community, called Creative Crew. Its purpose is co-creation with members, product proposition crafting, and even generating promotional ideas for the company. The unique aspect of this co-creation initiative was the fact that Midea invested time and effort in training the Crew on creative thinking tools, providing a win-win scenario that not only benefits Midea, but also the crew members themselves. For Midea, this demonstration of partnership between brand and customer is the embodiment of human connection & kinship that is driving the brand forward in Indonesia.

A better rice cooker for Indonesia

Creating locally relevant products and propositions remains top of the agenda for Midea. To help launch a new rice cooker, Midea set out to understand what perfect rice meant to Indonesians, as well as their relationship with rice cookers. Using the community, Midea was able to understand the culture and eating habits through forums and live chats, which resulted in key innovation routes. They conducted a thorough proof of concept with community members and followed up with a quick visual assessment for product design. In under three months, they came away with a well-crafted proposition grounded in feedback from their community members.

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