“The thing we really like about the BeerXChange is how much beer drinkers are really becoming true advocates of our brand. They really enjoy helping out the organization, they love that their voice is heard and that we take their insights and their feedback and turn it into action.”

—Amber Hudson
Consumer Insights

Molson Coors wanted to engage its customers in order to better identify their needs and preferences.


  • Molson has been in the beer business for 350 years and owns a number of iconic brands, including Coors, Molson Canadian and Rickards.
  • The company continues to face steep competition from both existing players and new entrants. To maintain and build on its success, Molson Coors wanted to develop a deeper understanding of its customers. In addition to numerical data, Molson wanted to capture qualitative feedback that would provide insight into the reactions of its customers to different products and promotions.
  • The company also wanted an efficient, cost effective way to segment customer feedback across a variety of geographic regions, brands, and buyers types.



  • In an ongoing effort to provide customers with the spirits they love, Molson Coors teamed up with Vision Critical to launch the BeerXChange insight community. Molson now has real-time access to the feedback and insight of more than 700 loyal beer drinkers on an ongoing basis across a variety of beer-related topics.
  • Molson Coors has been able to apply the customer intelligence gathered from the community across the business, including marketing, innovation and sales.
  • “We’ve done everything from very simple forums to collages, basic surveys to live chat and focus groups,” says Amber Hudson, Consumer Insights, Molson. “We’ve had members write articles and letters. We have been able to take risks with some of the methodologies that we have used and just have some fun as we approach the target consumers.”



  • Molson’s insight community has both promoted customer loyalty amongst beer drinkers and become a trusted resource for making informed and meaningful decisions for the company.
  • Insight from the self-named “beerologists” help to directly shape decisions around product, pricing and promotion.
  • Molson has extended its reach with a cost-effective and efficient research tool that allows it to engage with different brands, regions and demographics that it traditionally had been unable to target.

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