• In South Africa, the diverse cultural landscape makes the dining and fast food category extremely competitive, making it difficult to always remain relevant and exciting.
  • For Nando’s, having a hybrid status by offering both a fast food and fast casual service model is important to remain top-of-mind to diverse customers on an ongoing basis. In order to better attract customers and continue to grow its business, Nando’s needed to better understand its guests to enhance their customer experience while still maintaining its creative and dynamic brand image.


  • The FireStarters community of Nando’s fans was launched in 2013 giving the restaurant chain fast, insightful and customer-inspired feedback in a quick and cost effective way.
  • With the help of nearly 3,500 guests and lovers of the Nando’s brand, the restaurant chain has become more connected with its customers and is actively involving them in business decisions on a daily basis.
  • Through ongoing conversations with its fans, Nando’s is using its insight community across various different disciplines to help with important choices around product development, pricing, promotion evaluation, brand positioning and customer satisfaction.


  • FireStarters has helped Nando’s make well-informed decisions fast, helping to grow the brand and giving Nando’s a strong advantage over its competition in South Africa.
  • At the end of 2013, Nando’s used the FireStarters community to assist in the creation of a new menu layout which embraced the hybrid nature of the business (both fast food and fast casual dining). By speaking to its customers, Nando’s was able to develop a menu with a new creative direction, which also increased awareness of the brand’s South African Art Foundation.
  • According to Nando’s Brand Health Tracker, menu awareness levels from November 2013 to June 2014 increased from one percent to four percent compared to the previous year. The new menu design has also had a direct impact on sales, with dine-in sales increasing by ten percent and take-away sales by eight percent.

“With our FireStarters insight community, we’re able to acknowledge exactly what our guests and customers want from us. This then feeds into a variety of customer touch points, allowing us to make necessary changes and improvements in order to grow our business in a relevant way.”

Su-lise Tessendorf

General Manager for Brand and Strategy, Nando’s