How NASCAR improves the overall sports experience with feedback from avid fans

80% decrease in research costs

3x increase in meaningful feedback from fans


NASCAR wanted to engage and quantify feedback from its avid fans in order to improve the experience for all fans.

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Customer experience

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Improve customer satisfaction

Drive revenue growth

De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

After decades of steady growth, NASCAR experienced a drop in attendance and TV ratings. NASCAR wanted to move quickly to bring engagement and excitement back to auto racing.

“We know that our best customers are what drive the metrics of this sport,” says Brian Moyer, managing director of market and media research for NASCAR. “Television viewership, licensed product sales, attending a race—all of those things are driven by people that are connected to our sport. They are our ambassadors.”


NASCAR partnered with Vision Critical to launch The Official NASCAR Fan Council, an insight community of 12,000 passionate NASCAR fans. The Official NASCAR Fan Council engages members at least twice a month on specific topics, interactions that influence everything from the on-track competition to business and marketing decisions.

Giving fans a voice requires no additional incentive; the fans feel honored and take pride in being a part of this advisory board, which has led to extremely high response rates from community members.

The quantity of meaningful feedback NASCAR received from fans tripled, while costs decreased by 80 percent. After launching its insight community, TV ratings and viewership increased for the first time in three years.

When fans called for a new restart format, NASCAR listened. The company picked up the Fan Council’s comments, validated them and initiated the new “double-file” restart rule, resulting in overwhelmingly positive reviews.

NASCAR and Vision Critical were awarded the prestigious Forrester Groundswell Award for listening to consumers and generating business results using social media.

80% decrease in research costs

3x increase in meaningful feedback from fans

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