“We want to understand what makes the lottery exciting and attractive for all our player types. Our insight community is a great asset, providing longitudinal insight and an understanding of how we can attract and engage with new players.”

—Lori Harris
Director of Draw Games

Reaching new, younger markets while retaining a core base

Northstar New Jersey Lottery, a consortium of companies running lottery programs, needed to improve its customer image. Internal research showed that youth considered the lottery to be old-fashioned and a waste of time and money—only 40 percent of them bought lottery tickets compared to 70 percent in 1990. The lottery required feedback outside of its core player base in order to understand and attract new, Millennial customers. Their solution: launch the Game Changers insight community.

Developing games for a new generation of customers

Game Changers provides the lottery with instant feedback from 6,000 customers, both young and old. Insight helps bring new games to market faster, optimize marketing campaigns, reach the next generation of players and improve customer experience. Before launching a new draw game called Fast Play, the lottery used Game Changers to test the product’s appeal, market viability and branding. Ninety-four percent of Millennials and 77 percent of Baby Boomers approved of Fast Play, lending the lottery the confidence to take the product to market. Fast Play exceeded sales target by 36 percent in the first 10 months.

How Northstar New Jersey Lottery benefits from our software

Informs confident decisions

Optimizes advertising spend

Tracks marketing awareness

Supports “test before we invest” mindset

Accesses new target markets

Balances expansion and retention

Tracking game play over time

Based on feedback from young players, Northstar NJ Lottery directed Fast Play’s promotion toward Millennial-oriented advertising vehicles, including targeted digital, social media and mobile ads. The lottery uses this same approach for new promotions, point-of-sale and game advertising. The community’s feedback determines awareness and appeal of marketing campaigns among target audiences, replacing the need for expensive ad tracking. Customers provide market knowledge and co-create, test and validate products before and after launch.

Optimizing advertising spend

The Game Changers community allows the lottery to get to know customers and new markets over time. The lottery engages players with relevant questions based on what type of games they prefer and how often they play. Segmented analysis helps the lottery’s ad agency make data-driven decisions on media buying, enhancing campaign artwork and informing which games would appeal most to various audiences. Optimizing the advertising budget means every dollar gets more mileage.

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