Dutch supermarket chain, PLUS Retail wanted to improve customer loyalty by gaining a better understanding of its customers’ needs.


  • With 254 stores and more than €2 billion in consumer sales in 2013, PLUS Retail is one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands.
  • During the economic downturn in the late 2000’s, many industries were affected, retail was no exception. Price-conscious customers made it difficult for brands to sustain the volume of sales they had once enjoyed.
  • In order to understand the new, more price-conscious shopper, PLUS Retail needed a solution that would help them improve loyalty and build stronger relationships with their customers.



  • Working with Vision Critical and its partner Totta Research, PLUS Retail launched mijnPLUSpanel, a community of over 25,000 of its customers and franchisees.
  • Since launching in 2013, the highly engaged community has helped the supermarket chain gain the competitive edge it was seeking.
  • By regularly taking part in customer engagement projects, community members share their opinions and help the company make decisions concerning store arrangements and campaign planning.



  • PLUS Retail’s customer community has given the brand the opportunity to redesign, re-evaluate and revise campaigns and ensure the voice of the customer is heard when making strategic decisions.
  • As a result, the supermarket chain has seen a measurable increase in customer loyalty—a sought after metric in the highly competitive retail industry.
  • Yvonne Dorkhom, senior consumer insights manager at PLUS Retail said, “By working with Totta, a boutique research agency in the Netherlands, and using Vision Critical’s technology, we have much more and better interactions with our customers. Customers are more involved and more willing to participate in surveys, discussions and dialogue. The franchisees of PLUS Retail, in turn, do more with the customer feedback and use it to improve the business.”

“Thanks to the mijnPLUSpanel insight community we can evaluate our loyalty campaigns at PLUS Retail. Campaigns are now carried out based on customer feedback, which has an extremely positive effect on customer satisfaction. In 2013, we were named the most customer friendly company in the Netherlands and two of our stores were voted as the best supermarket in the Netherlands. These achievements can be attributed to our close relationship with our customers.”

Peter Legters

Consumer Insights Manager, PLUS Retail