“Sparq 3 provides us with better insight by enabling us to focus on the most relevant results and then dig in deeper with follow-up activities, making the whole process more agile and offering a far better experience for our community members.”

—Sam Trimboli,
Consumer Insights Specialist, Price Chopper Supermarkets – Market 32

Staying competitive in a fragmented and competitive market

Price Chopper Supermarkets is an American grocery store chain of 135 stores. Forty-seven percent of the company’s stock is collectively owned by more than 22,000 employees, making it one of the largest privately held corporations of its kind in the U.S. The company needed to come up with solutions to remain competitive in a fragmented market, and at a time when customers demand to know more about how the products they buy are made and sourced. Customers expect more options and are happy to visit two or three stores to purchase their groceries. To help improve its brand, deliver better products and keep customers coming back, the company launched Food For Thought, an insight community of 5,000 highly engaged customers.

Leveraging authentic customer relationships for actionable intelligence

The community informs both long-term, strategic planning and time-sensitive, tactical decision-making. According to Sam Trimboli, consumer insights specialist at Price Chopper, Food for Thought enables the company to target engagements to relevant shopper segments. Upgrading to Sparq 3 helped the company embrace a more agile approach to customer intelligence and build on existing relationships with Price Chopper customers. The platform’s intuitive design makes it quick and easy to collect, search and share in-depth customer insight, enabling Trimboli and his team to be more efficient and effective.

How Price Chopper benefits from our software

Increases community engagement and confidence in the results

Improves community member experience with Sparq 3, especially on mobile

Yields fast and accurate insight for long-term strategic planning and time-sensitive decisions

Drills down on specific sections of long form tracking and CSAT surveys

Shares actionable insight across the business

Segments community members to explore new ideas and concepts

Building and launching better products

Private label groceries represent upwards of 29 percent of food and beverage consumed in American homes. Food for Thought helped guide the naming and packaging of private label products being launched in tandem with an overall store rebrand. Early in the development process, feedback from the community revealed that a simple turn of phrase on the packaging caused significant confusion. Identifying this red flag allowed the team to step back and re-examine their approach, then move forward with packaging and messaging they knew would resonate. The company plans to transition over 2,000 items to its new brand, and early indications show accelerated growth.

Improving marketing communications

Even with the steady growth of digital grocery shopping, flyers are still a vital part of the marketing mix. Price Chopper used its insight community to conduct an in-depth analysis of the company’s flyers. The community’s feedback led to a redesign and rebrand of weekly flyers to make them more appealing to a broader audience. The community delivered data-driven insight that influenced the overall layout and individual design elements. Traffic to stores has increased week after week since introducing the new format.

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