“We can use One Community to ask those very specific questions about a very specific product or category and give advertisers not only quick answers, but in-depth, very meaningful answers. And that is very, very valuable to our work.”

—Peggy Byrd
VP, Integrated Marketing, Radio One

Radio One wanted to connect more closely with African Americans to ensure their needs were accurately represented to advertisers.


  • Radio One, Inc. the largest media company primarily targeting the African-American community, operates over 50 broadcast stations throughout the US. The company provides social content, news and entertainment that speaks directly to the unique needs of African-American consumers.
  • Advertisers looking to develop African-American centric media campaigns needed the reassurance that their investments would be spent effectively. Radio One’s success hinged on their ability to showcase the substantial buying power of the African-American community, which has a collective spend approaching one trillion dollars.
  • “Advertisers would ask us, ‘How does a consumer deal with this particular situation?’ There wasn’t a place where we could go to get that really timely, specific information,” says Latha Sarathy, vice president of insights and analytics at Interactive One, a division of Radio One. “It was a constant struggle for us.”



  • Radio One worked with Vision Critical to launch One Community, an insight community made up of 10,000 customers. The community allows Radio One to connect much more closely with African Americans, ensuring their needs are accurately represented to prospective advertisers.
  • One Community has become the go-to solution for Radio One’s consumer research program.
  • Having access to real-time customer insights via One Community has been immensely helpful. “We are able to be consultants to our marketing partners to help them navigate how to reach African Americans and how to really impact their ROI,” says Sarathy.



  • “One Community has been a key component in securing new businesses and generating significant growth with existing businesses,” says Peggy Byrd, vice president of integrated marketing at Radio One.
  • Radio One is differentiating itself from the competition through its unique ability to help advertisers make data-driven business decisions.
  • “The nimbleness and the quickness with which we can get relevant information, it’s just very, very powerful information in terms of how we can shape conversations,” says Byrd.