Post secondary school SAIT needed a modern, efficient and cost-effective way to engage students and alumni for feedback and insight.


  • SAIT Polytechnic (SAIT) is one of Canada’s leading polytechnic schools, with more than 2,300 faculty and staff providing relevant, skill-oriented education to over 71,000 registrants each year.
  • In the past, SAIT had challenges engaging students, alumni and other key stakeholders for ongoing feedback. Their customer research process was largely unstructured and decentralized, leading to over-surveying of students, poor questionnaire design and low response rates and engagement.
  • To ensure they were offering the right opportunities to prospective students, SAIT wanted to find a modern, efficient and cost-effective way to get actionable intelligence from students and alumni.



  • SAIT worked with Vision Critical to launch SAIT Insights, an insight community composed of 4,000 students and alumni that reflects the school’s apprentice and industry bases.
  • SAIT Insights is an easy way to program short, engaging online surveys and quickly collect insight in order to take effective action. Every community member has been pre-screened and profiled, and SAIT can reach out to them any time for rapid feedback.
  • The school uses their insight community to test advertising creative with core audiences, ensuring the advertising resonates with prospective students and influencers. This crucial ad testing research can be fielded and acted upon in a matter of days.



  • With the help of their insight community, SAIT has successfully met key institutional priorities while decreasing organizational costs.
  • In November 2012, SAIT was invited to present at the AMA Symposium for Higher Education in New Orleans, attended by over 1,000 marketers from around the world. Many attendees did not know what an insight community was, let alone how engaging a community of students and alumni for feedback could deliver meaningful insight to educational institutions. SAIT’s presentation positioned them as well ahead of other post-secondary institutions in conducting and using feedback and insight from key stakeholders to improve their marketing and program design efforts.
  • SAIT Insights is an easy way to manage market research within a student population,” says Zac Ryan, senior research analyst at SAIT. “It
    provides a quick way to collect results and take effective action.”

“Our insight community ‘SAIT Insights’ is an easy way to manage market research within a student population. It provides a quick way to collect results and take effective action.”

Zac Ryan

Senior Research Analyst, SAIT Polytechnic