Scripps Networks Interactive wanted to accurately gauge the potential of their programming before investing in production.


  • Scripps Networks Interactive is the leading developer of high-profile content for many lifestyle media platforms including television, digital, mobile and publishing. In an effort to mitigate the risks of developing new content, they wanted an efficient and economical way to test their programming concepts without investing in production and hoping for positive ratings.
  • Verification of ratings accuracy is industry standard, but it typically offers little insight and delivers findings after the fact. It also omits the finer points on how the life of the customer is being affected.
  • Scripps Networks brands operate independently of one another, stretching limited research budgets too thinly. Research requests flooded in, but very few could be filled.



  • After establishing that Vision Critical’s customer intelligence platform had the flexibility and back-end capability it needed, Scripps Networks launched the aptly named Under One Roof (U1R) insight community in 2009.
  • Scripps chose Vision Critical’s platform because of the combination of powerful research software designed by experienced customer intelligence professionals and Vision Critical’s extensive experience developing and helping customers manage community members.



  • Using Vision Critical’s platform to strengthen its relationship with viewers, Scripps Networks impressed advertisers and saved over $1,000,000.
  • Since U1R’s launch, Scripps Networks has executed hundreds of projects. Bringing research for six brands Under One Roof allowed the company to quickly and extensively learn about conducting ground-breaking community research.
  • Scripps Networks’ use of Vision Critical’s innovative technology changed the conversation from “Why isn’t my product selling?” to “What’s going on in the life of my customer?”

“The U1R insight community provided us with the opportunity to flip the focus off of ourselves and onto our customers. A network is nothing without an audience.”

Chris Ryan

VP Sales Research, Scripps Networks