How Singtel incorporates customer insight into key marketing and managerial decisions


Singtel provides a diverse range of communications services, including cable, Internet, TV, mobile and data, to more than 500 million customers across Asia and Africa. Singtel Group Digital L!fe is a new division charged with developing digital products across several new business units.

Fast Facts




Customer Experience

Product Managers

Use case:

Customer experience

Product innovation

Business Outcome:

Improve customer satisfaction

Accelerate innovation

Business Challenge

For Singtel Group Digital L!fe, traditional customer research wasn’t quick or flexible enough to capture customer feedback and turn insight into actionable results.

The business needed a real-time, cost-effective solution that would provide internal stakeholders the opportunity to participate in the process of gathering customer insight.

Singtel Group Digital L!fe wanted to engage with customers and incorporate their insight into key marketing and managerial decisions.


In 2012, Singtel launched the Digital Advisors, a community composed of more than 10,000 technologically savvy individuals.

Members of Singtel’s customer insight community participate in traditional attitudinal or behavioral questions, trials of new digital products, discussion forums to surface new opportunities and recruitment for qualitative feedback. The marketing and market research teams can now connect the company’s internal business stakeholders directly with community members, bringing the voice of Singtel’s customers into important business decisions.

Vision Critical’s platform has become a critical tool for illuminating business challenges for Singtel Group Digital L!fe — and helping to resolve them. Singtel has been able to establish an ongoing dialogue with digitally savvy customers, influencing company strategy and direction.

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