Sky Bet

Sky Bet's accelerated growth with an insight community

£500k saved in research costs

20% customer increase YOY

35% market share


Betting & Gaming is a fiercely competitive landscape, with a notorious lack of customer loyalty or engagement. Sky Bet recognised the need to build and develop genuine relationships with their customers, in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Fast Facts


Lottery & Gaming


Customer Experience

Use case:

Customer experience

Marketing effectiveness

Product innovation

Business Outcome:

Improve customer satisfaction

Accelerate innovation

Business Challenge

Betting and Gaming is an increasingly saturated market with over 25 online betting operators in the UK, almost 100 gaming operators, and more entering the market each month. This intense competitiveness is reflected in the fact that the average user has 4.4 betting accounts each, across different providers. In order to achieve ambitious growth targets and ensure a sustainable future, Sky Bet recognised the need to understand their customer in more depth, improve their customer experience, and drive customer loyalty.


Sky Bet launched their insight community, The Clubhouse, over 3 years ago during their transformation to a customer-centric organisation. Today they have 7000 active participants and have had 33,700 conversations with customers across 88 studies in 2017. The Clubhouse gives Sky Bet continuous insight that they are able to use to inform all stages of a marketing campaign. The team are now in a position to target specific audience segments that engaged with a certain activity in real-time and follow up with these members in relation to this activity alone. This contextually relevant content and engagement enabled the brand to build ongoing and meaningful relationships with their customers, driving loyalty and increasing their market share. Impressively, 60% of Sky Bet's customers no longer use other betting providers.

£500k saved in research costs

20% customer increase YOY

35% market share

Close contact with our customers is critical to Sky Bet – understanding what motivates and interests our customers helps us to shape our product, user experience, and promotions.

-Vaughan Lewis, Director of Corporate Development, Sky Betting & Gaming

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