Sky Bet

Consent data helps Sky Bet create new products, increase conversion, and build loyalty in a saturated market

Insight from The Clubhouse contributes to YOY uplift: loyalty, share of wallet, brand awareness, and volume of customers

Since 2017, saved the business 2.1m GBP in opportunity costs

#1 online bookmaker in the UK


Sky Betting and Gaming is the United Kingdom’s leading mobile-led betting and gaming operator, providing real-money gaming and a diversified gaming product portfolio to customers in the UK, Ireland, and across Europe. Operating five principal brands⁠—Sky Bet, Sky Vegas, Sky Casino, Sky Bingo, and Sky Poker⁠—Sky Betting and Gaming is now Great Britain’s most popular online betting brand and online casino brand with the number one ranked iOS and Android sports betting app. They attribute their success to a long-term strategy focused on their ability to know and understand their customers better than any other brand in the industry.

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Accelerate innovation

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Business Challenge

Sky Betting and Gaming competes in an increasingly saturated market with limited brand loyalty and changing regulatory conditions. On any given Saturday, betting customers come into contact with thousands of touchpoints calling them to action from different brands. The challenges of saturation are compounded by the inherently confrontational “win or lose” nature of the customer transactions. Differentiation, loyalty, and ongoing engagement is the holy grail that impacts everything from immediate tactical questions to broader long-term strategic initiatives. This puts the marketing and product innovation teams under incredible pressure to innovate, build brand affinity, and go to market as fast as possible. The complexity of this challenge is compounded by Sky Bet’s need to create and maintain loyalty across 40 different sports, four gaming brands, and four free-to-play products.


To support a strategy of deep customer understanding and create a foundation of their best-in-class customer insights program, they launched The Clubhouse made up of over 9,000 opted-in, richly profiled, and highly engaged players across multiple countries who provide rapid insight that goes beyond transactional data analytics.

Sky Bet overlays a comprehensive segmentation on top of their customer base. The segmentation is stored in their internal data warehouse and replicated in The Clubhouse so they can talk to specific customer sets quickly and effectively without having to repeat screening questions or run additional data analysis. The ability to repeatedly engage known customers and feed that insight back into their CRM, enables Sky Bet to develop product features, advertising, and promotions that set them apart from other brands in the industry.

Fueled by rapid, agile insight from carefully segmented customer groups and seamless integrations with their CRM, the company has the ability to successfully target the right customer base, responsibly acquire new customers, provide clear direction for future innovation, de-risk product decisions with extensive UX and iterative product testing, and pre-empt market shifts that would otherwise go undetected for long periods of time.

Insights from The Clubhouse contribute to the YOY uplift in key metrics such as loyalty, share of wallet, brand awareness, and attribution and volume of customers. Sky Bet is now the #1 online bookmaker in the UK in terms of customer numbers and #1 in terms of game players in Vegas. Key drivers behind these uplifts were created and validated through The Clubhouse.

Insight from The Clubhouse contributes to YOY uplift: loyalty, share of wallet, brand awareness, and volume of customers

Since 2017, saved the business 2.1m GBP in opportunity costs

#1 online bookmaker in the UK

Close contact with our customers is critical to Sky Betting & Gaming – understanding what motivates and interests our customers helps us to shape our product, user experience and promotions.

-Vaughan Lewis, Senior Vice President of Communications, The Stars Group

Knowledge is power - the more informed our people are about who are customers are and why they do things - helps to drive action in the business. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the actionable insight we get from The Clubhouse.

-Ben Fox, Group Head of Research, The Stars Group

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