Find out how Sodebo is moving from customer knowledge to customer culture.


Sodebo, a leader in the French market of refrigerated ready-to-eat food, is a family business that was founded in 1973. Its success is directly associated with the visionary and innovative spirit of its founders. The brand has become famous in the French market for its ability to anticipate the demands of consumers and to create practical and quality meals that adapt to society’s new lifestyle.

Fast Facts


Consumer goods


Product Managers

Use case:

Product innovation

Business Outcome:

Accelerate innovation

De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

Sodebo wanted to be more connected to customers, better understand their preferences, and offer products more suited to their evolving needs. Therefore, it was essential for the marketing and R&D departments to collect data more quickly, to have direct feedback from customers on product innovations, and to optimize the identification of leads.

Traditional market research methodologies were cost prohibitive and took too long to execute with most research activities taking over three months to complete.  Sodebo needed to be more agile in its way of harvesting insights and establishing a direct relationship with customers to react quickly in the competitive market of fresh catering.


In order to take stock of the presence, visibility, attractiveness of its products, and the overall customer experience, Sodebo launched its Community Sodebo customer insights platform in 2015 with nearly 1,300 active members. Their insight community, powered by Sparq, allows Sodebo to optimize the entirety of Sodebo’s mix-marketing efforts. Today, Sodebo regularly offers activities to its insight community members to test new recipes, expand its product ranges, launch new concepts, validate packaging, and to select new products and product names.

Community Sodebo is fully integrated with Sodebo’s CRM system and their relationship program with the overall objective to consolidate data, and unify CRM and marketing efforts in order to heighten the customer experience. 

Sodebo automates recruitment, by inviting customers who reach a points threshold from it's existing "Sodebo & Me" program. The recruitment process ensures members are highly engaged with Sodebo. Members continue collecting points through community participation, which can be used to earn coupons and free products.

Before the Community Sodebo insight community was established, customers only visited the Sodebo & Me loyalty program website to find coupons. Integrating the insight community with this program helped data consolidation, enhanced collaboration between the CRM and research teams, unified customer communications, and led to recruit 134 new members in 10 months.

We gain considerably in efficiency and autonomy in our ways of interacting with our consumers.

-Hervé Morice, Head of Consumer Science and Shopper Division at Sodebo

It is a real saving of time and money. Studies that cost us 100 (pre launch), cost us 30 today

-Hervé Morice, Head of Consumer Science and Shopper Division at Sodebo

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