“Our SCA communities give us a great 360-degree engagement with our core fans.”

—Mickey Maher
Head of Content, Southern Cross Austereo

Reaching all listeners

Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) is an Australian group of companies that creates more hours of live content than any other broadcaster in Australia. They have one of the country’s largest entertainment communities at over 70,000 members. With an aim to build more listener and client connections, SCA’s main challenges were how to monetize community insights with advertising clients, as well as reach regional Australian listeners who make up 36% of the Australian population.

Community-driven engagement

Through their Hit VIP and the Club communities, powered by Vision Critical’s customer intelligence software, SCA reaches broader audiences than ever before in both metro and regional markets. SCA also gathers feedback that contributes to important discoveries about what audiences think about issues of the day. According to Natasha Jobson, Metro News Operations Manager : “We can ask for their thoughts on any issue that sparks interest—and know we get real engagement when that info’s shared on air and online.”

How Southern Cross Austereo uses customer intelligence to drive loyalty

Creates a two-way dialogue to share back with customers

Responds quickly to customer churn

Stays on the pulse of customer interests

Uses data and insights to power personalisation

 Influencing the news of the day

SCA conducted a campaign for a retailer to help understand men’s perceptions of fashion and role models, and another for a pharmaceutical brand on how listeners treat sore throats. Insights from both campaigns helped SCA win business from both clients, totaling over $500,000. A micro-survey elicited information about sleep habits, resulting in a company-wide email, which the news department later picked up. They wrote and posted an article online, and later spoke with a sleep psychologist, with the results broadcasted during news breaks.

Brand loyalty and campaign effectiveness

SCA’s communities provide insights to the business that enable them to realise incredible gains. The company noted that 5% of listeners provide almost 30% of their market share, and that those 5% are often members of their Hit VIP and Triple M Club communities. Campaigns SCA tested in 2016 contributed to over $10m total value to the business. This is a clear demonstration of ROI for their clients, which encourages them to continue using radio to reach audiences.

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