“The business would move forward without insights, but what the community enables us to do is bring the voice of the customer into some of our biggest decisions and move forward more confidently.”

—Ross McLelland
General Manager, Customer Insights and Market Research, Telstra

Innovating with customers to improve lifetime value

Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications provider, is transforming from a telecommunications company to a world class technology company. With over 16 million customers spanning across mobile, fixed voice and fixed internet broadband services, their presence spans more than 20 countries. To improve the lifetime value of their customers, Telstra has run 75 strategic initiatives through My Telstra Experience (MTE), a customer insight community powered by Vision Critical’s customer intelligence software. Launched in 2009, MTE is a customer sounding board that welcomes ongoing conversations with more than 11,000 customers who have contributed to over half a million customer engagements. With MTE, Telstra can test product offerings, ideas and services, build brand trust and foster deeper customer relationships.

Introducing innovation to the mobile market

Telstra makes up the largest market share of post-paid mobile subscribers in Australia. In order to understand customer preferences and behaviour from this niche consumer Telstra explored mobile phone leasing to see if it would resonate with them. Through MTE, Telstra learned that the ‘Loyalist’ customer group embraced leasing and indicated a preference to upgrade their phone every 12 months, in line with new device upgrades. Based on these insights, Telstra launched Go Mobile Swap Plans, a mobile phone leasing proposition. With the Go Mobile Swap initiative, Telstra saw success within the first few months and was able to retain a significant portion of their customer base, improving customer retention and maximising customer lifetime value. Within a year, Go Mobile Swap accounted for a strong portion of the sales volume and has enabled Telstra to advertise at competitive prices.

How Telstra use customer intelligence as a competitive advantage

Understands customers over time

Delivers insights at the speed of business

Creates value propositions for products

Scales voice of the customer programs across the business

Builds profound customer relationships

Understanding customers as they evolve overtime

Strategic NPS. Like in many organisations, Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a key business metric at Telstra. Through the MTE community Telstra has generated seven years of robust longitudinal insights and a deep 
level of understanding of
 their customers. By connecting these customer engagements with data sets (ie. NPS and transactional data), Telstra is able to improve customer experiences overtime, and drive more relevant, personalised experiences with their customers.

Relationship Memory. Through MTE, Telstra has the ability to contextualise insights and identify patterns in data to build authentic customer relationships that deepen over time. Telstra is able to talk to their customers, understand their needs and look into the whitespace for the business. With Relationship Memory, Telstra is able to generate ongoing, continuous insights from their customers, as they evolve over time.

Scaling Voice of the Customer Programs with relationships

MTE is Telstra’s sounding board, their two-way engagement tool to hear the voices of their customers at scale. Like a focus group, MTE engages customers in purposeful and outcome-driven dialogues. What’s more, MTE can drive these group conversations across geographies and turn customer feedback into insights within hours.

MTE members have been instrumental in supporting charitable organisations since 2009. In one example, MTE members selected their preferred charity Redkite, an Australian organisation that provides essential support to children, young people, and their loved ones suffering with cancer. Telstra has built meaningful relationships with MTE members that go beyond a brand-to-customer relationship.

Telstra is the 2017 Visionary Winner for the best use of customer intelligence across Asia Pacific.

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