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How Totta Research retains clients and improves business with cutting-edge technology


Totta Research wanted to increase their reach and build their business with cutting edge software and technology they could use to court and keep new clients.

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Customer experience

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Improve customer satisfaction

Business Challenge

Totta Research, a research firm located outside of Amsterdam, needed to keep up with the speed and development of technology in order to remain relevant and competitive across Europe. Local technology providers in the Netherlands were not delivering market research solutions that were comparable to those available to businesses operating on a global scale.

For Totta, delivering industry leading solutions to their clients at an affordable rate was a key differentiator in a small, competitive market. Being prepared for emerging technologies and future proofing the brand was a priority. The Board of Directors had also made it clear that they were not interested in a conventional supplier relationship; they wanted a partner who would be a competitive advantage.


Vision Critical partnered with Totta to help introduce, implement and adapt to emerging technologies. Vision Critical's platform was robust and versatile enough to deliver a multitude of core services, ranging from continuous customer engagement, ad hoc surveys and the ability to combine quantitative and qualitative tools.

As a true global organization, Vision Critical supports Totta Research from Vision Critical’s London office.

Through this partnership, Totta has been able to reconfigure their pricing model to attract new customers and keep existing customers engaged. It has totally changed the way they do business. The versatility and flexibility of the platform allows Totta to develop services for their clients based on their needs, not their budget.

Totta has been able to build a client base of larger, high value clients they were not able to attract in the past. Using Vision Critical’s platform has stabilized their business and boosted their run-rate year over year.

The confidence we have in the relationship and the technology is unquestioned, and our clients are equally impressed.

-Wim Woning, Community Consultant, Totta Research

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