University of British Columbia

How UBC is building a world-leading university with stakeholder insight


The University of British Columbia, ranked as one of the top 20 public universities in the world, engages directly with students, alumni and faculty to shape the student experience.

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Use case:

Customer experience

Business Outcome:

De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

Post secondary institutions are under tremendous pressure to innovate, inspire and ultimately deliver better ROI and job-ready skills to students. At the same time, university students have great expectations: they want access to new technologies, they share opinions on social media and they’re eager to influence the programs an institution offers. To remain relevant and demonstrate value, institutions like UBC find they need to engage stakeholders and share how feedback impacts decisions.


UBC’s Open Minds Forum, an insight community of 5,000 students, alumni and faculty, helps the university plan and validate new programs. In one case, the university asked for feedback on an environmental sustainability campaign. Feedback from the Open Minds Forum demonstrated to an institution-stakeholder group how the campaign impacted student behavior and met marketing objectives.

We needed a solution that would give us robust, timely deep insight from our students, faculty and alumni.

-Kari Grist, Managing Director, Communications and Marketing, University of British Columbia

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