“It’s exciting for us to interact with our audience in real time, to get their feedback, and to empower them—they give us the guidance we need to make decisions that impact every part of our company.”

—Kevin Conroy
Chief Strategy and Data Officer,
and President of Enterprise Development,

Confidently pursue new revenue streams

The media landscape is challenged by fragmented audiences and the proliferation of mobile. Univision Communications needed more timely, relevant and actionable insight to inform content decisions and marketing. The company also needed new revenue streams that deliver on its brand promise.

Audience insight guides an innovative product offering

Prepaid phones comprise up to 30 percent of the mobile phone business. In addition to high start-up costs, players are vulnerable to customer churn. With insight from its insight community, Univision powered into the mobile market with product packages, pricing and features validated by its customers.

How Univision Communications benefits from our software

Contextualize multiple data sources, including social media analytics

Facilitate cross-departmental collaboration from product development to community relations

Inform early product concepts, marketing plans, packaging and more

Shape content and engage viewers in the moment

Learn how you can get timely feedback from customers just like Univision Communications