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How World Vision Canada understands the motivations of their donors


World Vision International is a Christian humanitarian aid, development and advocacy organization working to overcome poverty across the globe. Sponsors and fundraisers are critical to World Vision’s operations. In Canada alone, more than 400,000 people sponsor underprivileged children through World Vision, raising hundreds of millions of dollars for relief efforts.

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World Vision wanted a deeper understanding of who their sponsors were and what motivated them to participate. The relief organization needed a solution that would help them get ongoing feedback and insight from sponsors to inform and impact organizational decisions.


World Vision worked with Vision Critical to launch My World Vision Opinion, an insight community composed of 2,700 donors. Through the community, World Vision can engage directly with sponsors, learn about their interests and gain meaningful insight they can apply to improving fundraising activities.

“We’ve been focusing on using the insight community to really understand what the experience is at the point of acquisition,” says Elias Hadaya, Director of Donor Insight. “When someone signs up for sponsorship to help a kid get out of poverty, what is the experience? Is it efficient? And, is it effective to fundraise in this manner?”

World Vision has learned how sponsors relate to the brand, how programs and communication can be improved and where opportunities exist for working together with sponsors to co-create new initiatives.

In an increasingly crowded and competitive fundraising landscape inhabited by existing players, new entrants, and innovative crowd-sourced models, World Vision has discovered a new way to inform their strategy and stand out from the crowd.

By engaging in deeper, more meaningful relationships with donors, World Vision has been able to increase the effectiveness of their ultimate goal: assisting children in need.

We’re in the process of learning a lot about our sponsors and what makes them tick. Thanks to our My World Vision Opinion community, we are in a fantastic position to increase sponsorships and fundraising, and also, to improve underprivileged communities around the world.

-Elias Hadaya, Director of Donor Insight, World Vision Canada

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