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Break down data silos and increase the power of your customer data

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Break down data silos and increase the power of your customer data

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Add Context and Value across Your Business Applications

Your Sparq insight community contains a virtual treasure trove of customer data collected directly from your customers. Sparq helps you uncover customer attributes like motivation, preferences, and beliefs that aren’t available through your other second- and third-party data sources.

At Vision Critical, we help brands add context and value to other primary data stores and sources like:

Data management platforms (DMP)

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems

Loyalty databases

Other systems of record (SOR)

Achieve Greater Outcomes through Integration

Personalize insight community engagements by integrating DMP or CRM segments into Sparq.

Centralize customer data by integrating Sparq data into a data warehouse for more accessible and complete reporting and dashboards.

Augment anonymous DMP data with customer IDs and additional first-party data from Sparq to help with accurate segmentation and targeting.

Conduct look-alike modeling by using Sparq profile variables and response data in your DMP to increase ROI for marketing campaigns.

Automate insight community management and administration by automating member recruitment, activities, and purge or clean up.

How Sparq APIs Work:



Sparq APIs Support All Your Integration Needs

sparq api

Sparq API Data Sheet

Learn how integrations can accelerate the value of your customer data.

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Sparq DMP Integrations

You’ve made a key investment in your Data Management Platform (DMP). But is there a way to make it better? To make sure your customer data is highly segmented and actionable? Yes, with Sparq for DMPs.

Sparq insight communities are made up of thousands of customers who are engaged, interested in your brand, and have opted in to give you direct feedback. With a Sparq insight community, you can align a customer’s digital footprint captured in the DMP with their insight community member record, and all the zero-party data—including opinion and sentiment—collected via Sparq.

No matter your role, Sparq and DMP integrations make your outcomes better.


DMP Integrations for the Insights Professional

Align your customers’ digital footprint with their insight community record.

Assert yourself as the authoritative owner of the voice of the customer.

Broaden the reach of customer insights to impact business decisions within your organization.

Ensure marketing and advertising segmentation is highly targeted by augmenting DMP customer data with zero-party customer data.

DMP Integrations for the Marketing Executive

Inform your marketing by arming your data science teams.

Directly validate models.

Inform static data in the DMP with attitudinal data.

Inject new data points into their models and extrapolate to larger populations.

DMP Integrations for the Data Scientist

With access to a Sparq insight community, you can directly validate your audience models.

Engage directly with an audience subset at scale to find the motivation and intent behind customer buying behaviors.

Validate assumptions about customer life events and their customer journey .

Seed models with new data points gathered through a Sparq insight community.

Sparq for DMPs Data Sheet

Learn how to power your marketing team through data integration.

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Rely on Sparq API Technology

Sparq APIs follow modern methodologies and best practices and...

Are RESTful. We have adopted the REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural style.

Return JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), which is a lightweight, platform-independent data interchange format.

Are versioned. Any major updates to our contract will go into a new version of the API to prevent breakage.

Use OAuth keys as a secure way of authenticating a user. OAuth is a standard that apps can use to provide client applications with “secure delegated access.” OAuth works over HTTPS and authorizes devices, APIs, servers, and applications with access tokens rather than credentials.

Support pagination, filtering, searching, and sorting.

Transform your customer experience with deep insight and broad feedback

Collect meaningful and actionable customer insights to help you deliver differentiated and innovative experiences.