Enterprise Package

Learn more about what's included with our customer intelligence platform and discover add-ons and services that will help you hit the ground running.

Member Engagement

Build trusted relationships with customers to generate insight faster.

  • Insight Communities

    Insight communities allow brands to engage in an ongoing dialogue with customers by creating authentic relationships through a two-way exchange of value.

  • Member Hubs

    Interactive online customer communities make it easy to engage members at scale, build stronger relationships and drive insight-driven decisions.

  • Member Engagement Tools

    Create engaging interactive experiences for members by sharing content, new activities, and questions inside your Member Hub.

  • Member Newsletters

    Keep your community members up to date on what’s happening in their community and the impact their feedback is having. Build your newsletter in minutes by dragging and dropping content from the hub – no coding required.

  • Community Management

    Our experts are ready to help you manage your community, recruit new members, craft studies, build reports and share the results across your company.

Insight Collection

Deepen your knowledge of your customers by understanding their attitudes, emotions and intent.

  • Surveys

    Create new activities in minutes with an easy to use survey builder or take advantage of templates in our expert survey library. From comprehensive surveys to quick polls, we offer a wide range of question types and options for survey flow logic.

  • Discussions

    Forums facilitate two-way dialogue so you can complement your research results with deep qualitative feedback.

  • Relationship Memory as a Service

    Connect any third-party intelligence-gathering tools to Sparq 3 using our open APIs.

Insight Analysis

Tie together the most important customer data across silos to create intelligent, actionable personas.

  • Relationship Memory

    Connects your most important customer data from any source—including transactional, attitude, emotion, and intent data—to build dynamic customer profiles that give every team and business system a unified view of the customer.

  • Customer Relationship Intelligence Science (CRIS)

    Capitalize on our proprietary artificial intelligence capabilities to optimize how you learn from and learn about your customers.

  • Dynamic Profiles

    Build profiles of key customer segments that continually evolve as you deepen your understanding of their preferences, expectations and experiences.

  • Connectors

    Integrate with other business systems and platforms, so you have access to the customer data you need to create a complete view of the customer.

Analytics and Distribution

Distribute customer intelligence for use across the enterprise.

  • Stakeholder Hubs

    Collaborative workspaces that centralize insight and make it accessible to those who need it most at any time and from any device.

  • Stories

    Bring reports and charts together from multiple activities to highlight the most important insight for stakeholders.

  • Search

    Search across multiple studies, activities, reports and stories to find the right insights to share with stakeholders.

  • Analysis

    Create reports and data visualizations quickly and easily.

  • Community Health

    Access to community metrics at your fingertips – measure member engagement rates, and use that insight to grow engagement in your community.

Support & Services

  • Multilingual, Global Support

    Rely on an in-region network of support professionals providing multilingual support by phone, email and chat.

  • World-Class Training

    Online instructor-led training catalogue covering all key features of our platform, as well as deep-dive topics such as advanced filtering, Power Surveys, key third-party services, Member and Stakeholder Hubs, data import/export, and more.

  • Flexible Services and Support Package

    Select a support model ranging from assisted-serve to full-service models, to help you get the most out of your community.

  • Enterprise-grade Security

    Feel confident knowing that your organization’s data and your customers’ personal information is protected.


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