Accelerating digital transformation in financial services with agile insight

Learn how Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank delivers better products, faster, in the age of digital disruption.

In most financial institutions, customer insight is out of sync with the pace of digital disruption.


Tech-savvy, younger consumers are demanding more from financial service firms. With new competitors and breakthrough technologies entering the industry, expectations for better, more innovative products and services continue to evolve quickly. To keep up, companies need to embrace a more agile product development process.

But most financial institutions aren’t infusing the voice of the customer in the innovation cycle today. This inability to capture iterative customer feedback at scale increases risk of failure and creates opportunities for nimbler, smaller players.

To integrate timely insight into its digital transformation efforts, Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank (CYBG) created a community that allows the product team to learn from and iterate with thousands of opted-in, deeply profiled customers.

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  • Delivers customer-validated insight to the development team 24 hours or less
  • Gains the context required to understand the “why” behind transactional data
  • Increases NPS and decreases customer complaints
  • Reduces research costs

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The speed of responses enables customers to directly influence
the design thinking process, enabling the community to co-create
concepts with us. A game-changing approach to insight for CYBG.

– David Judic, Head of Customer Innovation, CYBG