The prescription for digital transformation in health care

Learn how Aurora Health Care uses patient insight to navigate the biggest disruptions shaping the industry

The prognosis for health care providers that refuse to evolve is bleak.


New, digital-first competitors and breakthrough technologies are disrupting the industry from all angles today. Patient expectations are also changing drastically as consumers demand the same seamless experience they get from businesses in retail and tech.

To navigate the digital transformation sweeping the industry, Aurora Health Care incorporates the voice of the patient in all aspects of its decision making.

Discover Aurora Health Care’s story to learn how this patient-centric organization:


  • Engages with thousands of opted-in, hard-to-find consumers at scale to better understand the patient journey
  • Gains ongoing feedback in hours rather than days to inform decisions in patient experience and marketing
  • Uses patient insight to drive digital initiatives that boost website engagement, online portal visits and appointments
  • Builds a culture that puts the needs of digital-savvy patients at its core

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What we love about our patient community is the immediacy.
We are able to quickly get a pulse of what consumers are saying.
It has helped us put the consumer at the center of all our decisions.

– Anne Martino, VP Consumer Engagement, Aurora Health Care