Today’s most successful companies continuously improve the end-to-end customer journey. To do so, you need the high-quality insight that only comes from ongoing engagement with the people who know your brand best: your customers. Engage with real people at the right time for actionable feedback that supports truly effective customer experience management.

Your challenges

Effectively proving business value

You need to prove the ROI of CX programs and how they impact business KPIs

Finding meaning in big data

Your NPS, CSAT and CES data is too heavyweight to get actionable information

Unvalidated customer journeys

You’re reliant on internal expertise and need more customer validation

Increasing revenue and LTV

Your path-to-purchase data is superficial and detracts from the customer experience

Slow feedback

You need faster, scalable customer feedback to help avoid failure

How you benefit from our software

Drives business results

Align CX initiatives with corporate KPIs like share of wallet and reduced churn, and forecast business impact

Makes your data and CX scores actionable

Understand why satisfaction changes and what drives it

Optimizes the Most Impactful Journeys

Validate and measure the impact of key moments, and evolve journeys over time

Increases revenue and LTV

Compare feedback against behavioral data, and gain a deeper understanding of the purchase journey


De-risks your CX investment

Prioritize and value investment decisions with customers and front-line employees

“Because of our insight community, our customers feel that we are more approachable – that we are in sync with who they are and what they want in travel.”

—Bashuli Sane
Product Manager, Performance Measures, Cathay Pacific

Gather the feedback you need to make impactful decisions with confidence.