The most successful companies act on feedback from the people who embody your mission and purpose: your employees. Our software helps you engage your employees on an ongoing basis for meaningful, actionable insight. They know your customers and your brand, and they want to make an active contribution to developing new products, to better customer experience and to the success of your company.

Your challenges

Employee retention

Employee churn is high and company loyalty is fleeting

Disengaged employees

71% of employees today feel disengaged from their employer

High cost of replacement

The average cost to replace an employee is 16% – 22% of their annual salary

Existing employee feedback process is broken

The annual long form survey is dead

Lack of employee understanding

Uncertainty about the reasons for employee dissatisfaction and lack of engagement

How You Benefit From Our Software

Improve employee engagement

Change your employee engagement strategy to build a two way dialogue with your most valuable assets

Generate ideas collaboratively

Create new products & services, and get early stage ideas validated, in collaboration with your employees

Drive customer experience improvements

Use your employees to validate your approach when rolling out CX improvements

Deepen employee understanding

Get a deeper understanding of your employees and build key employee segments through progressive profiling.


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“The insight community helps Westfield be who we say we are—we share knowledge and we build trust, not only with customers and agents, but with our own employees as well.”

—Amy Feeman
Research Professional, Westfield Insurance

Gather the feedback you need to make impactful decisions with confidence.