Whether you have a direct sales force or use third-party channels, the nature of selling has fundamentally changed. Today’s buyers are more savvy and informed than ever before. Your sellers need to be equipped with the right tools and enabled in the right way to compete and win. You need to engage with the people who matter to your brand—your customers and partners—on an ongoing basis to get deep, meaningful insight into your products and sales cycle. With our software, you have a powerful, ongoing feedback loop allows you to make confident business decisions.

Your challenges

Outdated market knowledge

You’re missing opportunities with out-of-date information on the rapidly changing business landscape and partner profiles

Ineffective incentives

You’re investing in the wrong incentives/rewards and MDF programs that motivate your partners to work harder for you

Misguided enablement programs

You’re offering training, support and marketing materials that either aren’t being used or aren’t driving partner performance

Limited product feedback

You’re missing market, partner and end-customer feedback to inform the product and features you need to add

Partner churn

You’re losing partners because you’re not understanding their needs and frustrations, or how they want to work with you

How You Benefit From Our Software

Build sales partner-informed market knowledge

Get ongoing, real-time market and partner business information, competitive profiles, and insight into end-customers’ perceptions, motivations, usage patterns and needs

Create incentives that motivate to sell

Motivate future performance of sales partners by creating and validating effectiveness of current and new incentives, rewards, rebates, SPIFs and MDF programs

Drive effective enablement

Assess how sales partners use and value training, education and certification programs. Learn what they need to be effective salespeople, and how they’re using the sales, marketing and support tools you provide.

Inspire smart product building

Collect feedback from product/feature ideas to launch to ensure your product roadmap is on-course to increase sales


Improve partner loyalty, reduce churn

Track what drives (or decreases) partners’ satisfaction and loyalty. Assess how they view working with you by looking across your processes, people and competitors.

Gather the feedback you need to make impactful decisions with confidence.

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