Insight communities:
Faster, higher quality insight for market researchers

Deliver better insight in less time with less effort and higher ROI

An insight community is composed of your most trusted stakeholders—your customers, partners, employees, fans, donors or alumni. Insight communities allow you as a market researcher to reach thousands of people in an ongoing, two-way dialogue and get a comprehensive understanding of their preferences, attitudes and motivations.

Unlike survey software, insight communities allow you to:

Engage thousands of customers who have opted in to give you feedback

Build on what you already know about your customers

Reach customers with topics that are relevant to them

Get customer insight in a matter of hours, not days or weeks

Always on, fast and easy to use

Market researchers who use insight communities do significantly more activities in less time without increasing their budget.

in research savings

DeWALT has saved close to $6 million in research costs since establishing its insight community

(Source: DEWALT customer story)

increase in activities

LinkedIn’s marketing, product and research teams use insight communities to shape product development

(Source: LinkedIn customer story)

6 months
faster to market

Keurig Canada gets richer and more robust consumer insight while accelerating time-to-market 

(Source: Customer Intelligence Summit session)

Why use an insight community for market research?

 Better engagement

  • Higher response rates compared to ad hoc surveys
  • Built-in, one-click sharing with customers and stakeholders to drive engagement
  • Robust community health metrics

Higher quality insight

  • Quantitative and qualitative capabilities in one platform
  • Powerful APIs to add context to your CRM, web analytics, demographic and survey data
  • Trigger activities based on a customer’s response to a specific survey question

Faster insight

  • Engage an always-on, highly engaged online community of customers
  • Get data and actionable customer insight in a matter of hours, not days or weeks

More cost-effective research

  • Unlimited activities without additional fees
  • Reduced research costs over time
  • Rich reporting and analytics capabilities

Better customer relationships

  • Easily share with survey participants how their input shaped your decisions
  • Uncover insight without asking repetitive profiling and qualifying questions

How insight communities give you faster, higher quality insight

Learn from your customers

Engage your customers any time through surveys and online discussions and on the channels they prefer, including email and social media.

Connect into other data sources

Use APIs to connect your insight community member profiles to existing enterprise data, including CRM, transactional, social, behavioral and customer satisfaction data.

Build deep profiles

Get to know your customers over time. Vision Critical insight communities integrate with some of the most robust market research tools in the market, including SurveyGizmo and Remesh.

Demonstrate the value of insight

Share insight to your stakeholders and back to your customers. With the Vision Critical platform, you can use Member Hubs to keep community members engaged with valuable content like videos, infographics, PDFs and more.

Deliver more value to your business leaders and stakeholders

Insight communities enable market researchers to provide real-time insight to their stakeholders in marketing, product innovation, CX and sales.

$5 M
in sales revenue 

Within just 8 months, POLITICO leveraged its insight community to uncover new revenue streams

(Source: POLITICO customer story)

above advertising conversion goal

Using insight from its community, SMUD’s marketing team exceeded KPIs for a major campaign in just one month

(Source: SMUD customer story)

increase in NPS

Feedback from Alliant Energy’s insight community led to customer experience improvements

(Source: Alliant Energy customer story)

What leading market researchers say about the value of insight communities

More than 600 global brands use Vision Critical software to run their insight communities

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