How Stanley Black & Decker integrates research in product development

How Stanley Black & Decker integrates research in product development

Customer intelligence is still seen by many businesses as a cost center, but insight-driven organizations understand it’s worth the investment as long as you take an integrated approach.

Brands looking at moving from merely data-driven to becoming insight-driven need to look at customer intelligence as a team sport. That’s why Shannon Chenoweth, senior market research manager from Stanley, Black & Decker, has integrated her team tightly with the company’s product innovation team.

At the recent CX and the City meetup in New York, Shannon talked to our CEO, Scott Miller, about how she collaborates with stakeholders in product innovation and explained how her team repositioned customer intelligence as a strategic corporate asset. Watch the short video below to learn more.

Highlights from the video:

0:25: About 70% of the work Shannon’s team does is with the company’s insight community to research new products—each one has a “phase gate” with its own requirements.

0:40: The first step is to look at the frustrations that need solved and the potential opportunities.

0:58: Stanley, Black & Decker follows along with insight from start to finish, revealed Shannon. “We’re locked in pretty much along the way.”

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