LinkedIn: Driving Growth In Asia

How LinkedIn can grow effectively in a restrictive and segmented market








China leaks opportunity, India holds the third largest membership base and the APAC market has doubled its memberships in the last two years to 105m members (LinkedIn Press). With LinkedIn’s APAC presence growing aggressively, cultural boundaries, highly segmented markets and data restrictions are capping growth at the surface.

With direct access to ongoing customer feedback via an Insight Community, LinkedIn would be able to dig deeper and find insightful ways to break these barriers. Vision Critical’s customer intelligence software allows you to engage your customers in real-time, meaningful conversations to inform business decisions in such a fragile and restricted market.

“We want to get it right in China, so we will continue to listen and learn.” – Hani Durzy, former Senior Director of Corporate CommunicationsCNBC

“It’s time to provide a space for people to talk. It’s a challenge to best position LinkedIn for China, and how to structure the business there.” – Jeff Weiner, CEO Telegraph UK

How Vision Critical Drives Actionable Customer Insight

Enhanced omnichannel experiences

Leverage the APAC dependence on omnichannel experiences with mobile, rapid, in-the-moment community engagement using enhanced member location and time-based targeting capabilities.

Advanced recruitment and engagement tools

Engaged community members provide better feedback. Our advanced member recruitment tools and engagement activities have been designed to ensure you get ongoing insight you can trust.

Multilingual, global support

Our in-region network of support professionals provide multilingual support by phone and email


Progressive profiling of community members

Never ask the same question twice. With progressive profiling functionality you can build a comprehensive view of your customers on a level not possible with ad-hoc research.

Deep audience segmentation

Our filtering tools help you segment your database by demographics and behaviors, so you can get a better understanding of attitudes, feelings, wants and needs.

Supports next-generation feature development

Respond to the evolving needs of your customers by co-collaborating new developments and ensuring new endeavours are backed by your in-region customers

But don’t take our word for it.

“We see our insight community as an ongoing conversation with the people we serve. Meaningful engagement gives us richer insight and ensures that loyal customers know they have a genuine stake in the future of our company.”

—Alex McGowan
General Manager, Sales and Distribution, Cathay Pacific Airways


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