3 bold predictions about marketing in 2015

3 bold predictions about marketing in 2015

A new year brings fresh predictions about the future of marketing. Some of the boldest forecasts revolve around the growing need to better understand today’s empowered customer, which in turn can reveal opportunities for enhanced innovation and business growth.

If you’re wondering what to expect in the world of marketing in 2015, here are 3 predictions worth considering.

  1. Personalized marketing will dominate.

According to a MarketingProfs article, personalized marketing will rise in 2015. “The stratagem of personalized marketing engages consumers with custom offers and services,” says the article. “It has been gaining speed and will become imperative for companies looking to grow in 2015. Most marketers understand that, but only 6% are planning with personalization in mind.”

The article notes that the first step to personalizing the customer experience is to get to know the customer. It notes how “interviews, case studies, customer surveys, and website cookies can all provide valuable data about the people who need your goods or services.” Check out MarketingProfs for more information and for an infographic about personalized marketing.

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  1. Customer-centric brand content will rise.

The rise of content marketing shows that more companies are seeing content as a strategic asset. Expect this to continue in 2015, but with a twist.

Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy at Newscred, says content produced by brands will “become more targeted and more personal.” He predicts that “content marketing will take a seat at the table, with budget and someone with authority to drive strategic content programs.”

Content will also increasingly become customer-centric, according to Brenner: “CMOs will begin to instill a culture focused on customers. Budgets will shift away from paid promotion and into brand content that their audiences actually want to consume. Marketing organizations will move away from silos based on channel or functional ownership.”

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  1. Marketers will scramble to be truly customer-centric.

Talking to, Vision Critical’s very own Tyler Douglas predicts that marketers will prioritize customer intelligence in the new year. Here’s what he said:

Customer intelligence will be key for successful companies to win in 2015. Social, mobile, and cloud technologies have empowered customers to educate themselves before making a purchase. In a world where customers are well-informed and have more influence over a company and the decisions it makes than the other way around, companies must be customer-centric. They have to deliver products and an experience that please customers and keeps them coming back. In order to do that, companies need to get closer to their customers, fast. They have to adopt technologies that will help them learn about customer attitudes and opinions over time, and understand why they do the things they do.

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As these predictions show, customer-centricity is becoming an urgent call for marketing teams and the organizations they support. For many brands, establishing a customer intelligence platform that allows two-way conversations with customers is the first step toward customer-centricity. Such a platform enables ongoing learning and engagement that can also deliver a sense of empowerment that today’s consumers crave.

Want to be more customer-centric in 2015? Download our free ebook, The Customer Relationship: Your Last Competitive Advantage, to learn the strategies you need to put the customer at the core of your enterprise.  

  • Being more customer-centric in marketing has a strong parallel to being more patient-centric in medicine. Being more patient-centric got a strong boost when President Obama mentioned precision medicine in his recent State of the Union Address:

    Healthcare providers seek customers. These two are apt to progress hand-in-hand. Does anything need to be more customer-centric than medicine?

    Having vast amounts of data about customers can be too much like having data on all of some 3.1 billion base pairs in one’s genome. I was at a recent meeting with Craig Venter. His was one of the first human genomes to be decoded about 14 years ago. Unfortunately, as Craig said, he knows little more about what his genome means now than he did about 14 years ago.

    Both disciplines, customer-centric marketing and patient-centric medicine, need better analytics to help reveal what individual genetic differences and personal preferences mean.

    This helps set the stage for a large opportunity. Many patients and other customers already are collecting vast amounts of time ordered data as with devices used by those in the quantified self movement. Some people monitor diet, exercise, drug use, health, mood, athletic performance and more. Without better analytics, these data are too much like having one’s genetic code recorded on a CD stored in a desk drawer.

    Better analytics help make data actionable. Better analytics can empower patients and customers. Better analytics for time-ordered data can help reveal what genetic differences mean.

    Anyone seeking better analytics for time-ordered data can contact me: cbagne at DataSpeaks dot com.

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