ME Bank: Digital Customer Experiences

Fueling digital innovation and experiences
with customer-driven insight

Customer experience is the new battleground when it comes to competitive differentiation. And in the banking industry, competition is fierce.

ME Bank’s CMO Rebecca James has successfully transformed the brand experience with ‘Get Ahead’, through a transparent, modern and innovative re-brand. However, if we look at the end-to-end customer experience, customers are saying that ME Bank still has work to do.
How is ME Bank engaging and building trust with customers today?

Actionable customer feedback comes from an insight community composed of thousands of your customers–trusted stakeholders who are eager to share their feedback. Customer-centric organizations like HESTA, IG Group and IAG Insurance are using Vision Critical’s customer intelligence software to improve customer experiences and test new product innovations.

How Vision Critical Fosters Better Customer Experiences

Enhance Digital Experiences

Understand your customers’ digital journey through different channels (web, internet banking, mobile) better

Improve Core Service Rapidly

Get the basics right for your customers’ experiences for onboarding and retention

Drive Actionable Insight

Gather rapid ongoing, customer feedback and drive the insight you need to validate business decisions

Maximize Business Investments

Minimize your opportunity costs and maximize your returns, so you can make the most of ME’s technology transformation program

But don’t take our word for it.

“The insight community helps Westfield be who we say we are—we share knowledge and we build trust, not only with customers and agents, but with our own employees as well.”

—Amy Feeman
Research Professional, Westfield Insurance


“The insight we receive from Telstra Catalyst allows us to make thoughtful decisions that help improve the overall experience and design of Telstra products, services and systems for our customers.”

—Jannine Wood
Catalyst Lead / The Design Practice


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