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Vision Critical is ready to take on the ‘age of the customer’ by helping companies figure out what motivates buyers

Today, Sparq counts about one-third of Fortune 500 companies as customers, including Adobe, Univision Communications Inc. and Molson Coors. Demand continues to build and revenue is building along with it. … Read more

Being ‘authentic’ doesn’t mean you have to stay small

Over the last 15 years, I’ve learned that you don’t have to be small to be authentic. You do need to know what you stand for, understand who your customers are and what your brand means to them and keep that knowledge at the center of every interaction between customers and your brand. … Read more

The new Dan Lyons book should have us all rethinking corporate culture

In the same way that you can’t stop customers from talking about you on social media, you also can’t realistically police what your employees say about you. If companies are not proactive in understanding employee concerns, they are putting their talent brand at risk. … Read more

What the newest wave of the collaborative economy means for big brands

Companies that bring customers into their innovation process will break out of slow, expensive and outdated product development routines. … Read more

Vision Critical Named Among the Most Innovative Market Research Firms of 2011

Vancouver, BC – January 16, 2012 – Vision Critical has been named the third most innovative market research firm of 2011 by GreenBook. This is the second year   Read more

Vision Critical’s Andrew Reid Predicts Big Things for Market Research in 2012

Vancouver, BC – January 6, 2012 – Vision Critical Founder and President Andrew Reid predicts a convergence of social media and traditional market research approaches in 2012, as   Read more

Vision Critical Leads the Way in B.C.’s Booming Tech Sector

Vancouver, BC – January 5, 2012 – Vision Critical has been named by BC Business as an exciting, mid-sized company making outsized gains in 2012. The article notes   Read more

Most Canadians will use smartphones to purchase items

Vancouver, BC – January 4, 2012 – A new survey conducted by Vision Critical and Rogers Communications reveals that 79 percent of Canadians believe that people will use   Read more