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10 Brands Millennials Love the Most

Pretty much every brand nowadays is trying to find creative ways to market to Millennials, and rightly so as many in this group will make their first big purchases and establish new brand loyalties. So which brands have been doing the best job? What brands do Millennials love the most?

New research from Vision Critical gave us an idea and the top ten may suprise you. The study surveyed 7,000 American Millennials (18-34) and 28,000 individuals in the general market. They based their results on “perceptions in terms of a brand’s product features, pricing, communications, distribution and service.”

The D.C. area got no love with Millennials as there wasn’t a single D.C.-based brand that made the cut. The general market, on the other hand, chose three DMV-based brands in their top ten with National Geographic (4), American Red Cross (5) and Discovery Channel (8).  

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