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Advertisers need marketing research that addresses mobile use

August 23, 2011

NEW YORK – Advertising agencies are embracing mobile marketing channels in greater numbers.

That was the takeaway from a panel session at the July Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Mobile Marketplace conference, BtoB magazine reports.

“We’re seeing 10 times the click-through rates on mobile rich media than on the web,” said panelist Paul Gelb, Razorfish’s vice president of mobile practice lead, as quoted by the source. “Also, mobile has become a topic of interest. Many executives are reading about it and demanding that it be included in their marketing.”

Retailers and advertisers are turning to mobile as a means to reach customers and share their products and messages, but those doing market research may also want to consider tapping the technology as they survey consumer sentiment.

A new report from Ad Age finds mobile metrics can offer rich data due to the variety of devices consumers engage with. Understanding how different demographics use the tools could help marketers create better-informed campaigns.

Research and metrics on consumer cellphone use have a lot to offer in terms of informing mobile advertising campaigns, Ad Age’s third report in a series on mobile marketing found. The challenge, however, is finding a uniform means of measuring mobile marketing’s effectiveness.