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AMA to host research and strategy summit

SEPTEMBER 7, 2011 – The American Marketing Association plans to host a three-day research and strategy summit in Orlando, Florida, beginning September 11 to help advertising and marketing professionals learn about updates in the market research sector.

“With the role of research expanding to include driving strategy and informing critical business decisions, we’re bringing together the brightest minds in research for elevated discussions and planning,” the AMA said on its website.

The association added that the event will highlight how researchers can combine their use of existing technologies with those that are just emerging. Additionally, attendees will learn about how research plays a part in their organizations’ operations, where the field is going and what effect the transformation will have on their careers, the AMA said.

There will be a number of featured speakers at the event, including the senior vice president and chief marketing officer of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Tony Palmer. He will be discussing some of the major challenges that consumer product companies face when it comes to marketing, as well as the importance of strategic marketing investments.