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Analytics take their place with direct marketers

SEPTEMBER 1, 2011 – More direct marketers are working to incorporate new strategies – such as market research, analytics and digital channels – as they work to keep up with other forms or advertising.

BtoB magazine reports that while direct marketing may seem more “traditional” because it often integrates mailers and other forms of print media, it is starting to integrate emerging advertising trends.

One way direct marketers are working smarter is by deploying technology to learn more about how their audiences seek out and consume information. KBM Group is using a segmentation technology to classify consumers by how they use digital devices, according to the news source.

“Our clients need more specific audience data about not only device usage, but also buyers’ technological sophistication and aspirations, cross-referenced with their demographic profiles,” Dennis Kooker, president and COO of KBM Group, said of the solution in an interview with BtoB.

Many marketing companies have had to make transformations in response to the financial crisis of 2008. Ad Age surveyed several agency executives about how companies could maintain operations in an uncertain climate. Lisa Donohue of Starcom advised that marketers work to understand that “consumers have adapted to more volatile economic environments” and have changed their spending behavior as a result.