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Andrew Reid: B.C.’s tech industry deserves more attention from politicians

There’s been a lot of talk in this election campaign about the B.C. economy, specifically about certain industries that politicians say drive the economy: oil and gas, mining and forestry. Unfortunately, no one’s been talking about the technology sector to the same extent but we should be.

The tech sector is an unsung hero in the B.C. economy. It doesn’t get the same big headlines as resource-based industries do, maybe because our story is a little harder to tell. We’re not digging coal out of the ground or cutting down trees. We’re developing millions of lines of code that create the software and the solutions businesses need and consumers have come to rely on. And we spend tens of millions of dollars choosing to do it right here in British Columbia.

Did you know that the technology industry is one of the fastest-growing in B.C.? That there are more than 9,000 technology companies in the province, started by more entrepreneurs than anywhere else in Canada? Did you know that we employ more than 84,000 people? That’s more than the oil, gas, mining and forest industries combined. And we’re not just talking about jobs that depend on global commodity prices. We’re talking about well-paying careers.

Read the full article from Founder and President, Andrew Reid in The Province