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Australians Like their Tablets and Love their iPads

Apple Continues to Dominate but Samsung Mounts Serious challenge

SYDNEY – September 30, 2013 – Vision Critical, the leading provider of insight community technologies, today released new data that shows that the Australian love affair with the tablet has intensified in the past year. Findings show the Apple iPad continues to dominate the market despite a serious challenge from Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range.

The research was conducted by Vision Critical by surveying members of the Nine Rewards online community. Of the 1,000 people who own or have access to a tablet, 77 percent owned an iPad, compared with 11 percent who own a Samsung Galaxy.

However, while just five percent of Galaxy Tab owners have had their device for more than a year (compared with 86 percent of iPad owners), 24 percent of those surveyed have owned their Galaxy Tab for less than six months (compared with 58 percent of iPad owners) suggesting that Samsung is rapidly gaining ground. (This is borne out by other recent research – see note below).

Among tablet owners, almost 90 percent of people are satisfied with the tablet, and more than 40 percent are extremely satisfied – and the big winner is the iPad. A total of 91 percent of iPad owners are satisfied with their tablet, compared with 81 percent of Samsung owners who say they are satisfied.

Results showed that when it comes to tablets, size apparently does matter for Australians and thus far, the mini-tablet market is still comparatively small. Some 90 percent of iPad owners have the full-sized version, and 88 percent of Galaxy Tab owners using the standard size.

Other highlights include:


Recent industry reports have highlighted the rise of Android tablets and specifically Samsung – Telsyte’s new study indicated that “2013 first half sales consisted of 52% Apple iPads, 43% Android-based tablets and the remaining 5% being Microsoft Windows based tablets. Samsung is the clear leader in the Android devices, with almost 40% of all Android-based tablets sold in Australia made by the Korean tech giant”1. Meanwhile IDC also highlighted how Samsung has encroached on Apple’s dominance of the tablet market “Apple…continues to see its share eroded by Android tablets, particularly from Samsung, and increasingly Windows tablets” said IDC Senior Analyst Amy Cheah.2

1Source: “Tablet sales soar to 2.3M units in 6 months as Post-PC era gathers pace in Australia”,, 4th September 2013
2Source: “Mobile devices sales plunge for two quarters running: IDC”,, 24th September 2013