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A Brave New World: Thoughts On The Research Now/Vision Critical Partnership

Today a clearer vision of the Brave New World of marketing insights emerged through the announcement of the strategic partnership between Research Now and Vision Critical. Here is the core of the announcement:

Vision Critical, the leading provider of insight community technologies, and Research Now, the global leader in digital data collection, today announced a strategic partnership to provide Research Now clients and prospects with Vision Critical Insight Communities. The combined offering provides businesses and organizations with a deep understanding of specific consumer insights for select markets.

The Research Now global sales and delivery teams will now offer and fully support Vision Critical Insight Communities to benefit its clients and prospects. Vision Critical Insight Community technologies enable businesses and organizations to engage directly with hundreds to tens of thousands of customers on an ongoing basis to gain feedback and insights. Through insight communities, clients are able to gather, analyze and translate customer feedback into quick and meaningful business decisions. Continuing to evolve with the industry, Research Now offers clients the benefits of comprehensive customer insight communities.

“We’re excited about teaming up with one of the largest research service providers in the industry to offer Vision Critical Insight Communities to the Research Now audience,” said Scott Miller, group CEO of Vision Critical. “Research Now is a true innovator in research and we’re pleased to see the company drive insight communities to its clients by choosing Vision Critical as a strategic partner.”

“Our passion for building quality online panels for our clients is at our core,” added Kurt Knapton, president and CEO of Research Now. “Vision Critical’s Insight Community technology allows us to offer the most customized private panel solution available, now fully integrated with our advantaged panel assets.

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