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Campbell Soup Carves Out New Category Sections In Center Store of Supermarkets

The time constraints and limited cooking skills of many consumers have prompted them to find meal solutions via foodservice, whether in the grocery store or from restaurant take-out. Now Campbell Soup Co. is fighting back to regain those sales in the Center Store of supermarkets.  

The maker of the iconic brand of soup has launched easy and convenient restaurant-inspired sauces and mixes, some featuring international flavors, to encourage a return to home cooking. Its Skillet Sauces and Slow Cooker sauces have entered the fray in the last year to win back shoppers. 

The next challenge for Campbell was helping its retailer partners to find the logical place to position the new products in the planogram and onto the shelf.  

“Product innovation is critical, but insufficient,” said Russ Onish, the company’s Vice President of Shopper Insights and Category Solutions. “The category and shopper must be considered up front. The product has to be in the store and the retailer needs justification for where it goes and how to bring [the category] to life.”

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