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Cathay Pacific Airways Wins Vision Critical’s Asia Pacific Insight Community of the Year Award for Cathay Pacific Insights

Cloud-based Insight Community of more than 10,000 Cathay Pacific customers informs brand strategy and marketing, helps guide product investment and drives long-term sales channel optimizations

Cathay Pacific Insights enables airline to execute a sophisticated customer intelligence strategy, from involving and validating frequent flyers to determining co-branded food and beverage options

Cathay Pacific Airways can engage with customers anytime for meaningful ongoing feedback in 17 countries and across four languages with Vision Critical

Sydney, Australia – September 23, 2015 – Vision Critical, the leading customer intelligence platform provider, has named Cathay Pacific Airways Vision Critical’s Asia Pacific Insight Community of the Year (ICOTY) award winner for its cloud-based customer insight community. Awarded at the annual 2015 Vision Critical Asia Pacific Summit in Sydney, Australia, Cathay Pacific Airways was selected by over two hundred event attendees and recognized for engaging with customers on a regular basis in order to better navigate the turbulent airline industry.

Vision Critical Asia Pacific Summit attendees selected Cathay Pacific Airways for Cathay Pacific Insights, its insight community of more than 10,000 customers. This year’s finalists also included Bauer Media Group (Australia), Countdown (NZ) and Stockland (Australia).

“It’s inspiring to see brands like Cathay Pacific Airways make confident, impactful business decisions based on intelligence their customers willingly provide through Vision Critical’s cloud-based platform,” said Peter Harris, Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific at Vision Critical. “Selected by their peers from an outstanding group of finalists that included Bauer Media Group, Countdown and Stockland, Cathay Pacific Airways exemplifies the opportunity for companies to drive revenue growth by engaging the collective wisdom of their customers. Their success is a testament to the increasing demand for customer intelligence to inform solutions to key business challenges.”

Cathay Pacific leverages their Insight Community to meet unique needs across multiple business units. For example, the airline engaged community members to validate concepts of new passenger seat designs, as well as invited customers to workshops and offline testing of the seats, which are multi-million dollar expenses. The goal was to ensure they provided the best experience possible to the nearly 32 million travelers who fly on Cathay Pacific planes. Similarly, in an effort to optimize sales channels, the company engaged customers to inform the design of its website to decide what existing functionality should be retained and what new design elements needed to be introduced. Lastly, when the company launched its global campaign Life Well Travelled, it engaged with customers before, throughout and after launch to maximize the success of the initiative. The company discovered that having ongoing conversations with customers helps provide a deeper diagnosis than conventional brand tracking alone.

“With new technology and innovation constantly changing what we can offer passengers, we need, more than ever, more insights and better collaboration with our customers,” said Bashuli Sane, product manager of performance measures at Cathay Pacific Airways. “Delivering the best experience for passengers is critical to our ongoing vision to be the best airline in the world.”

Cathay Pacific works with ABN Impact, a Vision Critical partner, to run their insight community. Vision Critical partners with ABN Impact to provide collaborative and co-creative community and implementation services to Vision Critical customers in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia.

To watch Cathay Pacific’s presentation at the 2015 Vision Critical Asia Pacific Summit, please visit: