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Chartwell to hold utilities research, customer care conference

OCTOBER 13, 2011 – In order to learn how to better engage consumers and find reliable technologies that will assist in this endeavor, Chartwell – an organization representing utilities industry professionals in the research, marketing, smart grid and customer care sectors – will be hosting a conference in Orlando, Florida.

Chartwell’s event, EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference, will run from October 26-28 and will help attendees find ways to “evolve” alongside their customers.

“Customer needs and wants are continually changing,” the group notes on the event page. “The challenge is for organizations to innovate and adapt quickly to this evolving landscape.”

Some of the issues that attendees will learn about include the sustainability of market research and other advertising technology, how to deliver on customer expectations while staying within budget and establishing a more refined individual communication system with clients by combining “networks, solutions and services.”

According to the organization’s website, Chartwell has a group of analysts who work to conduct research and create strategies for those in the utilities industry, particularly regarding the smart grid, customer programs and customer care.