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Combine virtual, physical events to further market research

AUGUST 30, 2011 – Holding product events – either at a physical location or virtually – is a great way to gather the major customers in your industry and gain insight into their decision-making process. Since you can’t conduct a market research panel if no one shows up, a combination of the two is ideal.

Virtual events offer an opportunity to reach a wider group of people who may not have been able to travel to a location. However, as BtoB magazine reports, virtual events can also cut down on the valuable “networking opportunities of the face-to-face experience,” so your company may want to drum up physical event attendance by promoting conferences online and through other digital channels.

A recent study conducted by Virtual Edge, titled Measuring and Maximizing the Impact of a Hybrid Event, suggests a combination of live events and virtual ones may be the most effective way to engage the audience and provide opportunities to measure reactions.

Virtual Edge’s Michael Doyle gave the news source some tips for how to run a successful hybrid event that allows users to “market face-to-face online” and gain some knowledge about how they react to various marketing efforts. Virtual events create the chance to measure which features attendees are viewing, information marketers can then use to design future events.