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Conduct market research for more targeted search engine advertising

SEPTEMBER 6, 2011 – By conducting market research on consumers’ needs and then using that insight to shape direct communication with audiences, search marketers may achieve a greater level of success in their online efforts. According to Search Engine Watch, it’s all too common for search engine advertisers, who are trying to target a specific audience online, to end up sending their message to a much bigger crowd.

It’s simply the nature of the beast, the source explains, because “Google and Bing aren’t privy to just one type of user demographic.” However, paid search and other digital marketers can still use the internet to speak directly to a subset of their audience. Instead of a broader call to action, work to include consumer interests and values, the source advises. By doing this, advertisers can gain a higher level of engagement, increase click-through rates and hopefully set their brand ahead of the competition.

The first step is to identify the “niche markets and demographics that are likely to have an interest in your brand,” the news outlet explains, and then conduct market research panels to learn what that target group’s values and beliefs are. From there, the agency can design its message and promote it.

Digital marketing that incorporates search engines can be an effective tactic for promoting a brand. The New England Real Estate Journal says a multi-channel campaign with search engine optimization and social media marketing can lead to “expanded name recognition, increased website traffic and more qualified leads.”