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Demand Gen Tactics That Win in Manufacturing

For manufacturers, creation remains the core of the industry. But, while most companies focus on the products made, allowing retailers and dealer networks to man the sales process, many manufacturers are beginning to recognize that, through emerging channels, they now have the opportunity to create and cultivate customer relationships throughout a customer’s buying cycle. Manufacturers understand that the consumer purchase process no longer operates on a linear path, meaning they too must alter their sales initiatives in order to remain relevant in today’s competitive market.

Ten years ago, outbound phone calls were the leading way to generate interest, as knowledge primarily came directly from the manufacturer, according to Jonathan Gray, vice president of marketing at Revana. However, now, more than half of brand and product research conducted by customers happens before ever engaging in a conversation with the company in question. The power now lies in the hands of the consumers, as they have constant access to product information and reviews at any time on the device of their choosing.

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