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Is Edward Snowden a Hero or a Traitor? (History Will Determine Your Answer)

The Snowden affair reflects the realities of the cyber age. Technology has made it easier than ever for our governments to monitor our communications, eavesdrop on other governments, and store that information, all in the name of public safety and anti-terror efforts.

However, our reactions to what Edward Snowden — the former CIA operative now living in Russia — did by exposing these practices are to some extent based on tradition, not modernity. We’ve seen this movie before.

Our poll surveyed more than 4,500 adults in the U.K., the U.S., and Canada. We asked whether they thought the occasional infringement on civil liberties justified security and anti-terrorism efforts. In Canada, where the country’s worst case of terrorism unfolded not on native soil but over the Atlantic Ocean (the 1985 bombing of Air India Flight 182), just under half of respondents (49%) said yes.

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