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Environics Analytics, Vision Critical Partner to Create Extensive Source of Survey Data for Canadian Companies

Alliance Provides Clients with Deeper, Faster Understanding of Canadians across Lifestyle Groups

TORONTO – November 21, 2013 — Environics Analytics (EA) and Vision Critical today announced a partnership agreement that will provide Canadian companies with access to wide-ranging—and sometimes hard-to-find—data about consumers and markets. Under the new alliance, marketers will be able to quickly access customer insights from custom online surveys and then segment the results according to lifestyle-based groups. Combining these data resources will significantly reduce the time needed to conduct large surveys for clients, resulting in a faster turnaround and more current visibility into customer experiences for businesses.

Under terms of the deal, EA is classifying Vision Critical’s online survey panel of 125,000 members by PRIZMC2, the popular segmentation system with 66 lifestyle types, to help businesses gain insights on all segments of Canadian society. At the same time, Vision Critical grants EA the right to create and sell PRIZM profiles of 3,550 variables, collected semi-annually from the large panel, in 17 categories such as health, technology and telecommunications, retail and consumer goods, and financial and insurance. Clients of both companies will also have the opportunity to gain insights on how Canadians spend their time and money through custom surveys fielded to 25,000 panel members each week and linked to PRIZM.    

The agreement marks a partnership between two leaders in Canada’s marketing and research industries. With 16 offices around the world, Vision Critical is the leading provider of insight community technologies. Currently working with more than 650 brands, the Vision Critical Insight Community platform allows businesses to engage with up to tens of thousands of customers at a time for their insights that help businesses make informed decisions on new product development, services, communications, advertising and more. Its insight community software and Voice of the Market panels offer the industry’s highest member response rates, allowing clients reliable insight into how respondents think and why they behave as they do.

Meanwhile, Toronto-based EA has quickly grown to become one of the leading marketing services and data analytics companies in North America. Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, it specializes in proprietary data, purpose-built software and industry-focused consulting to help organizations better understand their customers and markets. By coding the Vision Critical panel with PRIZM, EA’s veteran analysts have developed reliable new data for a range of marketing applications including data enhancing, customer profiling, area ranking and predictive analytics.

“We are delighted to form this partnership with Vision Critical,” said Jan Kestle, president and founder of EA. “For businesses and not-for-profits, this agreement will mean access to more data to better connect with customers from all segments of Canadian society. We see this alliance as a win-win for our companies and our customers.” 

“Through this partnership, we are excited to join together Vision Critical’s software and database assets with Environics Analytics to offer clients a more refined customer-centric approach to gathering insights and provide Canadian businesses smarter data faster,” said Ed Morawski, president and global chief operating officer of Vision Critical. “With our synergies across marketing, sales and strategic planning, we have a significant opportunity to develop more innovative products and services at both companies that will ultimately deliver compelling benefits for businesses across Canada.”

About Environics Analytics

Environics Analytics is one of the premier marketing and analytical services companies in North America. Specializing in proprietary data, purpose-built software and industry-focused consulting, it provides data-driven analytics to help organizations of all sizes better understand customers and markets—no matter where they are. And its team of veteran modellers and geographic experts are industry leaders in sales forecasting, developing demographic and spending projections, and site location modeling. To learn more, please visit